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Ondore Scout

How Ondore Scout Will Help Your Company (Or Client)
Get the Information it Needs from the Social Web

Customize the way you view & analyze your information

We understand the data you need to see depends on your role. Customizable dashboards give you complete control over how you organize & view data so that you can concentrate on what’s most important to you.

Exportable PDF reports of your dashboards make it easy to share this data with your colleagues.

Measure your success on the web by establishing & tracking your own personalized metrics (KPIs)

Create & track your own customized metrics, allowing you to evaluate the success of your strategy & tactics in the way that is most beneficial to you.

Stay on top of everything people are saying about your brand with data from key Social Media Channels & the Web

Ondore Scout searches all major social media channels, blogs, forums, news sites &the web to give you a complete picture of what people are saying about your company or client, products & competitors.

Know if your content Is working by tracking Engagement Metrics

Instantly measure the impact of your digital strategy by tracking key engagement metrics for the major social media channels including likes, comments, shares, retweets, replies, views & more.

Know how people feel about your brand with highly accurate sentiment analysis in multiple Languages

Know if people online love, hate or feel neutral about your brand with Ondore’s sentiment analysis in English, Spanish & Portuguese. Our sentiment analysis technology is more precise than the outsourced technology often used by other tools.

Execute complex analyses quickly & easily with templates

Focus on results rather than busywork by using Ondore Scout’s readymade templates for the most common types of analyses conducted by companies & agencies, including share of voice, public perception, competitive benchmarks & industry snapshot.

Get demographic information about your authors

When available, Ondore Scout gives you important information on the people that make up your online communities—including age, gender & location—so that you can create more targeted campaigns.

Share your online success with your colleagues by quickly generating downloadable reports

The ability to download data from your social monitoring tool is crucial to gaining deeper insights into how online activity is impacting your company. In Ondore Scout you can export information, analyze it further & present it to your colleagues or clients.

You can also execute advanced searches while creating your reports in order to drill down into the data that is most relevant to you.

Personalize your digital strategy & create targeted marketing campaigns with advanced searches & demographic filters

Quickly find the mentions that are most relevant to you with advanced search filtering based on gender, age, country, name & username.

Identify influencers—Both people and aebpages—from across the web

Knowing which social media players & content generators are influencing opinion about your company, product or brand is key to managing & growing your online presence. Ondore Scout tells you who is leading conversations relevant to your topics across social media, blogs, forums & webpages.

The tool not only identifies influential individuals; it also tells you which webpages & blogs are most influential about the topics you are tracking.

Introducing Ondore Scout Advanced Analytics

The only way to compare your marketing and sales metrics with data from the social web using a
single tool so that you can measure how your on and offline activities impact one another.

A few of the correlations you can identify with Ondore Scout Advanced Analytics:

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