Learn About the Core Pieces of Ondore ́s Powerful Big Data Mining Technology

Understand what big data means for your business & turn it into actionable insights

Ondore Active Rank (a patented multivariate correlation algorithm) allows companies to detect connections & relationships in large sets of data that are normally unidentifiable. Companies can take advantage of these newly discovered connections to optimize their sales efforts, enhance their marketing strategy & much more.

Leverage massive amounts of computing power in order to process high volumes of Big Data more quickly

Ondore Hydra is a highly efficient & cost effective computing cluster technology offering huge amounts of computing power, elevated processing speeds & the ability to simultaneously accommodate a variety of technologies.

Ondore Scout,our flagship product, uses Hydra as a platform forprocessing massive amounts of data from social media & the web

Quickly find conversations taking place across the web that are relevant to your business

Ondore Analyzer is our powerful search engine that can rapidly sift through both structured information–such as Facebook or Twitter–as well as unstructured data including webpages, blogs & forums.

Ondore Analyzer powers search queries for Ondore Scout , our social media monitoring & analytics tool.

Understand how people are talking about your business online. Do they love you, hate you or feel indifferent?

Ondore’s Natural Language Processing Technology gauges the emotion (sentiment) behind texts found across the web in multiple languages.Businesses can harness our sentiment analysis technology not only to understand the mood of the conversations surrounding their brands but to also compare how people talk about them versus their competition.

Get access to one of the most accurate sentiment analysis algorithms available with Ondore Scout.

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